Meeting Date: April 18, 2007

Subject: Procurement Authorization Amendment Mount Dennis Bus GarageChange Directive X1-1-89 Contract X1-1


It is recommended that the Commission authorize an increase to Change Directive X1-1-89 to Vanbots Construction Corporation, in the amount of $75,000.00, for a total of $135,000.00, to allow for modifications to the Mount Dennis Bus Garage associated with hybrid buses.


Funds are available in Program 3.9 – Buildings and Structures, Bus Facility Modifications – Hybrid Buses (as set out on pages 875 to 877, Improvement Category), of the TTC 2007 2011 Capital Program, which was approved by Toronto City Council on March 7, 2007.


At its meeting of February 22, 2006, the Commission approved the award of Contract X1 1 to Vanbots Construction Corporation in the amount of $53,177,250.30 for the construction of the Mount Dennis Bus Garage.

Contract Details are as follows:

Original Contract Amount /  $ 53,177,250.30
Price of Approved Contract Changes to Date
(includes $60,000 for CD X1-1-89) /  $ 1,461,898.81
Increase for Change Directive X1-1-89 /  $ 75,000.00
Revised Contract Amount /  $ 54,714,149.11

Work under Change Directive X1-1-89 is 5% complete.


Contract X1-1 provides for the construction of the new Mount Dennis Bus Garage.

During the design of the garage, plans for the allocation of hybrid buses at Mount Dennis were uncertain. In addition, the TTC did not have any experience with the maintenance of hybrids, so there was limited knowledge to incorporate the design requirements into Mount Dennis. As such, it was decided that only structural and space provisions would be included in the Mount Dennis facility contract. Knock-out panels were also incorporated in the design to permit the future installation of doors to access the allocated hybrid area.

The current bus fleet distribution indicates approximately 140 hybrid buses will be stationed at the Mount Dennis Bus Garage. Therefore, Change Directive X1-1-89 was initiated to replace the knockout panels with speed doors and make all other modifications necessary to allow buses to access the hybrid bus maintenance area.

Change Directive X1-1-89 was issued in the amount of $10,000.00 to enable the Contractor to start work by ordering equipment and preparing shop drawings. The Change Directive was recently increased to $60,000.00 to allow manufacturing of the doors to commence. The current estimate for this work is approximately $135,000.00. It is recommended that Change Directive X1-1-89 be increased by an additional $75,000.00, resulting in a total of $135,000.00, to enable the Contractor to continue the work and avoid any delays.

Staff are currently negotiating with the Contractor to finalize the price for the Contract Change. In the event of a difference in the actual cost from this amount, the difference will be approved in accordance with the Commission’s Authorization for Expenditures Policy.


Approval of Change Directive X1 1 89 will allow the Contractor to continue with the work that will ultimately allow buses to access the hybrid bus maintenance area.

March 28, 2007