Meeting Date: April 18, 2007

Subject: Procurement Authorization Amendment Mount Dennis Bus Garage Change Directive X1-1-120Contract X1-1


It is recommended that the Commission authorize an increase to Change Directive X1-1-120 to Vanbots Construction Corporation, in the amount of $70,000.00, for a total of $120,000.00, to provide the required services for the installation of a vacuum system in the Mount Dennis Bus Garage.


Sufficient funds are available in Program 3.9 – Buildings and Structures, Mount Dennis Bus Garage (as set out on pages 791 to 798, Capacity Enhancement), of the TTC 2007-2011 Capital Program, which was approved by Toronto City Council on March 7, 2007.


At its meeting of February 22, 2006, the Commission approved the award of Contract X1 1 to Vanbots Construction Corporation in the amount of $53,177,250.30 for the construction of the Mount Dennis Bus Garage.

Contract Details are as follows:

Original Contract Amount $53,177,250.30
Price of Approved Contract Changes to Date
(includes $50,000 for CD X1-1-120) $   1,461,898.81
Increase for Change Directive X1-1-120 $       70,000.00
Revised Contract Amount $ 54,709,149.11

Work under Change Directive X1-1-120 is 0% complete.


Contract X1-1 provides for the construction of the new Mount Dennis Bus Garage.

During the design of the garage the requirements for the vacuum system, which is used for the nightly cleaning of buses, had not been finalized. As such, power and ventilation requirements, layouts, etc. were not known and as a result, only space provisions were included in the garage design. The vacuum design has now been finalized and a contract tendered for the installation in the Mount Dennis Bus Garage. Based on this design, Change Directive X1-1-120 was prepared to bring all required services to the room where the bus vacuum system will be installed. These services consist of power, compressed air, ventilation of the room, water and sprinkler piping, fire alarm and building automation control wiring.

Change Directive X1-1-120 was issued in the amount of $50,000.00, to enable the Contractor to start work. The Contractor is continuing to develop their quotation. Preliminary estimates have indicated costs in the order of $120,000.00. It is recommended that Change Directive X1-1-120 be increased by an additional $70,000.00, resulting in a total of $120,000.00, to enable the Contractor to continue with the work and avoid any delays.

Upon receipt of their quotation, staff will negotiate with the Contractor to finalize the price for the Contract Change. In the event of a difference in the actual cost from this amount, the difference will be approved in accordance with the Commission’s Authorization for Expenditures Policy.


Approval of Change Directive X1 1 120 will allow the Contractor to continue with the construction of the garage, which will ultimately allow the timely installation of the Bus Cleaning System at Mount Dennis Bus Garage.

March 28, 2007