Meeting Date: April 18, 2007

Subject: Procurement Authorization Consultant Design Services Warden Station Parking Replacement Contract E85-21


It is recommended that the Commission authorize the award of Contract E85-21 Consultant Design Services - Warden Station Parking Replacement to Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited for a total upset limit amount of $855,000.


Sufficient funds for this expenditure are included in Project 3.9 Buildings and Structures, under Warden Phase 1 (as set out on pages 1519-1520 Expansion category) and under Easier Access Phase III (as set out on pages 777 to 785 Legislative category) of the TTC’s 2007-2011 Capital Program which was approved by City Council on March 7, 2007.


The existing Warden Station consists of two commuter parking lots (North & South) totalling 1500 spaces, a passenger pick up and drop off facility and slotted bus bay terminal.  Analysis of various scenarios for future demand of commuter parking at Warden Station concluded that 850 spaces would be sufficient for this location.
For the past few years, City and TTC staff have participated in a planning study of the Warden corridor. The study confirmed that the TTC north commuter parking lot occupies land that could be developed. Also the adjacent Hydro corridors could be made available to provide replacement commuter parking spaces.
The work under this contract, which is for Warden Phase 1 only, consists of providing design services from conceptual to detailed design and support during construction for a new 850 space parking lot located within the Hydro Corridor, east of the existing station. The work also includes providing a new automatic entrance and a new elevator.
A Request for Proposal for Contract E85-21, Consultant Design Services for Warden Station Parking Replacement was publicly advertised on the TTC’s web site on February 12, 2007. Twenty companies requested copies of the proposal documents, out of which six submitted proposals as summarized in Appendix "A".
All proposals received were reviewed and rated by the evaluation team based on the criteria listed in Appendix "A". The recommendation for award is based on the highest rated qualified proponent with reasonable pricing.  Following the determination of the final ranking, the pricing envelope of the highest rated qualified proponent was opened and evaluated.  The proposal submitted by Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited was considered best overall proposal and they have performed similar work for the Commission in the past. Upon review of the hourly rates submitted by the company, they were considered fair and reasonable and comparable with previous contracts.


The award of contract to Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited will ensure that engineering resources are available to support the Warden Phase 1- Expansion project.
April 18, 2007

Appendix "A"

Procurement Authorization

Design Services – Warden Station Parking Replacement

Contract e85-21

List of proponents


1. Chisholm, Fleming and Associates
2. Giffels Associates
3. IBI Group
4. LEA Consulting Limited
5. Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited (Recommended Company) 
6.Morrison Hershfield Limited

(Recommended Company)

Evaluation Criteria

A. Corporate Qualifications/Experience

• Number of Years in Business
• Relevant Experience 
• Depth of Available Relevant Resources at Proponent’s local office
• CADD facilities and experiences in using CADD

B. Project Staff Qualifications/Experience

Project Manager

• Number of Years of Direct Experience
• Work of Similar Size and Nature
• Technical Qualifications

Project Team / Subconsultant

• Number of Years of Experience
• Work of Similar Size and Nature
• Technical Qualifications 

C. Project Staff Dedication

• Key Staff Sufficiently Dedicated to the Work
• Right mix between Senior Staff and Balance of Team

D. Understanding Of Work

• Proposed Methodology/Approach to the Work