Meeting No. 1885
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
1:00 P.M.
Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor
Toronto City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Minutes of the Previous Meetings

- Meeting No. 1883 – June 13,  2007
- Meeting No. 1884 – June 27, 2007

Business Arising out of Minutes

Committee of the Whole

- Committee of the Whole Agenda – July 11, 2007 (Attached)
- Supplementary Agenda Committee of the Whole – July 11, 2007
- Resolution – Committee of the Whole Meeting – August 29, 2007

Notice of Motions

Motions Without Notice

Motions of Which Notice has Previously Been Given


1. CUTA Awards Presentation
- The Corporate Safety Award - Joint Union/Management Operator Assault Task Force
- The Corporate Exceptional Performance/Outstanding Achievement Award - Operation Doolittle: Counterfeit Fare Media Investigation
2. Award of Merit – Operator Guy Shaw
3. Construction Specifications Canada Award for TTC Mount Dennis Bus Garage -  Mr. Mike McClure, Chair of Quality Document Competition Committee 
4. ISO 9001 Certification for Safety Department

Public  Presentations – 2:00 p.m.

Requests to speak must be registered in writing  by 12:00 noon of day preceding meeting day.

Items Deferred From Last Meeting to Permit Debate/Public Presentations


Budget Matters

5. Chief General Manager’s Report - Period 5 (May 6 to June 2, 2007) (For Action)

6. Procurement Authorizations

a) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Syenite Rail Sand (For Action)
b) Procurement Authorization - Supply of T1 Door Lock Assemblies (For Action)
c) Procurement Authorization - Supply of T1 Tread Brake Kits (For Action)
d) Procurement Authorization - Supply of T1 Subway Car Door Cylinders (For Action)
e) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Railwel Parts (For Action)
f) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Miscellaneous Plumbing Products (For Action)
g) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Snow Clearing Removal, Salting & Sanding at Various TTC Properties (For Action) PDF Icon
h) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Card Services for Purchase of Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Propane, Exterior Car Washes and Vehicle Lubricants (For Action)
i) Installation of Archive Photographs in TTC Stations (For Action)
j) Procurement Authorization – Structural Engineering Services – Triennial Contract – Contract G85-236 (For Action)
k) Procurement Authorization – Key Station Accessibility – North York Centre Station – Contract Y45-2 (For Action)
l) Procurement Authorization – Detailed Design Consultant Services – Victoria Park Bus Terminal – Contract E85-22 (For Action)
m) Procurement Authorization – Supply of 1500 MCM Cable (For Action)
n) Summary of Authorized Expenditures Between $100,000 to $200,000 for the Period May 1, 2007 to May 31, 2007 (For Information) PDF Icon

7. Procurement Authorization Amendments

a) Purchase Order Amendment Authorization for the Supply of Motorola Parts (For Action)

Other Business

8. Corporate Policy Review 11.6.2 – Criminal Investigations and Charges of Employees for Acts Against the Commission (For Action)

9. Staff Response To Commission Inquiry

a) TTC Participation in Car Free Day (For Information)
b) Airport Fare Media Sales (For Information)
c) Progress on Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings (For Information)

10. Correspondence

(To be distributed at meeting)

11. New Business

Toronto Transit Commission Members

Chair Adam Giambrone  
Vice-Chair Joe Mihevc
Commissioner Sandra Bussin
Commissioner Glenn De Baeremaeker
Commissioner Suzan Hall
Commissioner Peter Milczyn
Commissioner Anthony Perruzza
Commissioner Bill Saundercook
Commissioner Michael Thompson