Meeting No. 1880
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
1:00 P.M.

Committee Room 2, 2nd Floor
Toronto City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Minutes Of The Previous Meetings

- Meeting No. 1879 – February 27, 2007

Business Arising Out Of Minutes

Committee Of The Whole Resolution

a) Committee of the Whole Agenda – March 21, 2007 (Attached)

b) Resolution – Committee of the Whole Meeting - April 18, 2007

Notice Of Motions

Motions Without Notice

Deputations – 2:00 p.m.


1. Child Find Ontario – 2005 Donor Recognition – Presentation to Chair Adam Giambrone from Trish Derby, Executive Director

Budget Matters

2. Chief General Manager’s Report - Report - Period 12 (November 26 to December 31, 2006) (P. Buttigieg - 3647)

3. Procurement Authorizations

(a) Procurement Authorization Supply of Stainless Steel Brackets Rosedale Station Platform Edge Contract S35-5PDF icon.

(b) Procurement Authorization Mount Dennis Bus Garage Change Directive X1-1-35 Contract X1-1

(c) Procurement Authorization Patten Building New Davenport Entrance Contract M1-82PDF icon.

(d) Procurement Authorization Wilson Garage Traffic Separation and Parking Modifications Contract C1-20PDF icon.

(e) Procurement Authorization Replacement of Existing Freight Elevator Inglis Building Contract N45-1PDF icon.

(f) Procurement Authorization Russell Carhouse Platform Track Modifications Contract D6-12

(g) Procurement Authorization - CA Mainframe Software MaintenancePDF icon.

(h) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Steel Cross TiesPDF icon.

(i) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Track EnclosuresPDF icon.

(j) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Otaco Seat Parts

(k) Procurement Authorization - The Direct Supply of Ford Parts for Non-Revenue Vehicles

(l) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Bus Brake BlocksPDF icon.

(m) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Prevost Bus Parts

(n) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Impulse Parts

(o) Procurement Authorization - Supply of MCI/RTS Bus PartsPDF icon.

(p) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Escalator Step Drive Chain

(q) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Disposable BatteriesPDF icon.

(r) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Detroit Diesel Bus Parts

(s) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Subway Car CleanerPDF icon.

(t) Procurement Authorization - Supply of Various Pneumatic Hand Tools, Parts and AccessoriesPDF icon.

(u) Procurement Authorization – Surface Special Track Work CastingsPDF icon.

(v) Procurement Authorization – Equipment Licenses and Inspection Services Supplied by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority

(w) Procurement Authorization – Supply of Corporate Wireless ServicesPDF icon.

(x) Supply of Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidPDF icon.

(y) Supply of LubricantsPDF icon.

(z) Summary of Authorized Expenditures Between $100,000 to $200,000 for the Period January 1, 2007 to January 31, 2007PDF icon.

4. Procurement Authorization Amendments

(a) Procurement Authorization - Purchase Order Amendment for the Supply of Bus Tires

(b) Authorization Amendment, Contract Amendment No. 9 Design Services Kipling and Islington Stations Contract G85-208A

(c) Purchase Order Amendment – Mercer Human Resource ConsultingPDF icon.

Other Business

5. Geospatial Technology Review

6. Membership – TTC CommitteesPDF icon.

7. 2006 Special Constable Services Annual Report to the Toronto Police Services Board

8. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 11.3.4 Non-Employee Transportation/Councillor Pass Policy

9. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 2.2.3 – Charter Service

10. Staff Response To Commission Inquiry

(a) TTC Student Discount Card

(b) U Pass Update

(c) Beautifying Subway Entrances

11. Correspondence

(To be distributed at meeting)

12. New Business

a) Implementation of the TTC’s Affinity Plan (Vice-Chair Mihevc)