The TTC Operating Statistics publication contains all the key facts and figures about the system’s performance in an annual period and is an invaluable quick reference when talking about the TTC’s achievements in service. The Operating Statistics are compiled by the Corporate Communications Department.

Section One

  • System Quick Facts
  • Conventional System
  • Wheel-Trans
  • Easier Access
  • Key Facts
  • Spadina Subway Extension
  • Toronto Rocket Subway Trains
  • Next-Generation Streetcars
  • Next-Generation Buses

Section Two

  • 535 Million Riders
  • 2015 at a Glance
  • Unlocking Gridlock
  • Modernizing the TTC
  • TTC Stop Stats
  • Official Opening Dates
  • Governance
  • Crisis Link
  • Growth and Expansion on the TTC
  • Contact the TTC