Toronto Moves Moves/index.jsp Toronto Moves. PRESTO WILL TRANSFORM YOUR TTC 2015-06-26T09:40:24.000-04:00 TTC WILL BE READY TO WELCOME THE WORLD 2015-06-12T09:10:25.000-04:00 Embracing new, innovative ways to make your TTC better 2015-04-24T08:57:12.000-04:00 TTC is gearing up for a busy, exciting summer 2015-04-17T03:01:00.000-04:00 TTC subway disruptions must – and will – come down 2015-04-10T02:17:00.000-04:00 Keeping large projects on time, on budget is TTC’s goal 2015-03-27T09:03:37.000-04:00 City Budget Passage is Good News for TTC Customers 2015-03-20T10:16:49.000-04:00 Special Constables have mandate to keep the TTC the safer way 2015-03-06T08:24:56.000-05:00 A busy week as TTC continues to make change for the better 2015-02-27T08:04:28.000-05:00 TTC renewal underway on many fronts 2015-02-20T08:59:44.000-05:00