924 Victoria Park Express This route is accessible This route has bicycle racks This route is PRESTO enabled

The TTC is reallocating service in response to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 in Toronto.

The majority of Express Bus routes will not operate and regular bus service will continue to operate on these corridors. Most local service on express routes operate every 10-minutes or better. Overall, the TTC will continue to ensure that a 30-minute service or better is provided for customers across the network. Additional service will be operated if needed. 

All TTC buses (except Community and Wheel-Trans buses) have bike racks so that you can bring your bike with you on your journey. Depending on the bus type, bike racks can hold one or two bikes. The racks are easy to load and unload, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All accessories must be removed from the bike prior to loading as they may impede operators' sight lines. Please remove water bottles, air pumps, panniers, child carriers, solid baskets, bags and other loose items before boarding. The Operator has the right to refuse use of the bike rack to keep clear sightlines.

The 924 Victoria Park Express bus route operates between Victoria Park Station on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth and the area of Victoria Park Avenue and Steeles Avenue East, generally in a north-south direction. Accessible service is provided on the route. Bike racks are available on this route. Victoria Park is an accessible station.

One single service is operated. The 924 (Victoria Park Station-Steeles Express) branch operates during the peak periods, from Monday to Friday only. 

Southbound 924 to Victoria Park Station

These buses operate from the Victoria Park/Steeles off-street loop via south on Victoria Park Avenue and east on Denton Avenue to Victoria Park Station.

Southbound buses stop only at Steeles Avenue East, Gordon Baker Road, McNicoll Avenue, Finch Avenue East, Sheppard Avenue East, Consumers Road, York Mills Road, Parkwoods Village Drive, Rowena Avenue, Lawrence Avenue East, Eglinton Avenue East, O’Connor Drive, St Clair Avenue East, Victoria Park Station.

Northbound 924 to Steeles

These buses operate from Victoria Park Station via north on Victoria Park Avenue to the Victoria Park/Steeles off-street loop loop (on the east side of Victoria Park Avenue, north of Steeles Avenue East).

Northbound buses stop only at Victoria Park Station, St Clair Avenue East, Eglinton Square, Eglinton Avenue East (farside), Lawrence Avenue East, Rowena Avenue, Ellesmere Road, Pachino Avenue, Consumers Road, Sheppard Avenue East, Finch Avenue East, McNicoll Avenue, Gordon Baker Road, Steeles Avenue East.

Route map of the 924


Stop Number: Use the Stop Number to help plan your trip or find out when the next streetcar will arrive by texting the Stop Number to 898882.

Accessible routes: The TTC provides accessible service on many routes. Not all stops or stations are accessible.