What we are doing and why

The TTC will be installing elevators to make Castle Frank Station accessible by 2023.

In preparation for this future work, Castle Frank Station will require upgrading of the electrical switchboard. Starting August 17, generators are required to provide power to the station during this time. The generators will be located on TTC property beside the station entrance, facing Castle Frank Road.

Generators will run continuously to power the station while the electrical work is being performed.

Work hours

At 3 a.m. on August 30, the switch will be made to generator power. While the majority of the switchboard construction is within the station, generators will run continually during this time period.


Although the generators are self-contained and are of the quietest series available, some noise can be expected while these are running. A TTC inspector will be on site to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum.

For further information:

Lito Romano, Senior Community Liaison, 416-397-8699, lito.romano@ttc.ca.