What are we doing and why?

TTC will be conducting repairs to the eastern sections of bus bays 3 and 4 at Islington Station. Weekend date to be confirmed.

During this time, bus bays 3 and 4 will be temporarily closed for safety and to complete the work efficiently.

Work activities

The contractor will arrive at the station shortly after 6 a.m. to close bus bays 3 and 4 with fencing/hoarding. Once the work zone is secure, activities on Saturday will include saw-cutting, concrete removal, sandblasting and cleaning. Work activities on Sunday will include patching excavated areas, cleaning and demobilization.

A second weekend will be required to complete other activities such as waterproofing. An updated notice will be issued for this work.

Work timeline

A crew will be present at Islington Station from approximately 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day.

While efforts will be made to keep noise levels to a minimum, some noise will be unavoidable during the repair work.

TTC service

Buses that normally service bus bays 3 and 4 will be relocated to the street or another area of the station for the weekend. Please see signage and staff at the station for assistance.

Thank you for your patience during this work.

For further information:

Paul Tran, Community Liaison, 416-981-1601, paul.tran@ttc.ca.