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Construction update - March 2020

Overnight Work (within station) – Crews will be pouring concrete to construct a new elevator access ramp at the concourse level of the station. The work will take place between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Sunday, March 15. Residents can expect to see a concrete truck and pump at street level in the bus loop. This activity may be audible to area residents and personnel on site will keep noise to a minimum.

Masonry Wall Restoration (within laneway) – Crews will also be undertaking masonry wall restoration work in the private laneway. The work enclosure will be set up on Monday, March 16 and the work will begin on Wednesday, March 18 and last until Wednesday, March 25. Property owners and tenants will have access to their property/residence at all times and the work will take place in an exterior enclosure with the waste being shipped off site.

Bus loop partial re-opening - February 9, 2020 – Fall, 2020

Construction for elevator E2 (in the bus roadway) continues.

During the Runnymede Station partial bus roadway closure:

  • Customers on the 71 Runnymede and 77 Swansea will continue to use on-street stops in front of Runnymede Station to transfer to the subway and other bus routes. Customers will need to provide Proof-of-Payment.
  • Customers on the 79 Scarlett Rd will now board buses inside Runnymede Station’s bus loop (buses will no longer be dropped off in front of High Park Station on their southbound trips).

The TTC’s Easier Access Program makes stations accessible with the addition of new elevators. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Runnymede Easier Access improvements include:

Barrier-free path from the main entrance to all levels of the station including the installation of:

  • 3 elevators to access eastbound and westbound platforms
  • Automatic sliding station entry doors (on Kennedy Ave.)
  • Improved signage and CCTV – Security cameras along the accessible pathway
  • Masonry repairs and fire alarm upgrades
  • As part of these upgrades, art will be installed in accordance with the TTC’s Public Art Policy.

What to expect

  • Inside Runnymede Station: Construction inside the station for elevator E1 will begin in late November, 2018.
  • In the Laneway: Construction in the laneway (to the south of the station for elevator E3) will begin in late January, 2019. The western portion of the laneway will be closed to house the elevator shaft (E3) construction workzone for approximately one year. There will be no through-traffic in the laneway between Kennedy Avenue and Runnymede Road. Once construction for elevator E3 is completed, the contractor will rehabilitate the south masonry wall of the station. Scaffolding will be set up along the northern half of the laneway during this work for approximately one to three months. The laneway will be repaved upon the completion of the project.
  • In the bus roadway: A laydown area will be set up in the bus roadway throughout the project until 2020. Construction for elevator E2 (in the bus roadway) is currently scheduled to begin in Fall 2019 (with a 3 month bus roadway closure, and a 6 month partial bus roadway closure). When the bus roadway is closed, TTC riders will board buses on-street. Signage will be in place.
  • Work zones: Protective construction hoarding will be in place and vehicles/equipment will access these work zones from Kennedy Avenue and Runnymede Road.

Noise and work hours

  • The majority of work will take place between Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some overnight and weekend work will be required during the course of this project in order to complete the work as quickly as possible.
  • Noise, dust and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. Efforts will be made to keep levels to a minimum.

For further information:

Denise Jayawardene, Senior Community Liaison, 416-393-6937;