10 a.m., to 5 p.m., July 20, 2019

39A Finch East

  • Eastbound: From Finch Avenue East, south Baldoon Road.
  • Westbound: From Baldoon Road, west and south Crow Trail, north Tapscott Road, west Finch Avenue East to regular routing.

132 Milner

  • Northbound: From Sewells Road, southeast McLevin Avenue, north Morningside Avenue, west Sewells Road.
  • Southbound: From Sewells Road at Hupfield Trail continuing southwest to regular routing.

133 Neilson

  • Northbound: From Neilson Road, west McLevin Avenue, north Tapscott Road, east Finch Avenue East to route.
  • Southbound: From Finch Avenue East, south Tapscott Road, east McLevin Avenue to route.

Map of route diversion